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Are Steve Tan Ecommerce Products Legit?

An internet marketer gets blown away by the networking opportunities at one of Steve Tan’s events.

Steve Tan has quite a few e-commerce products out to help other marketers. One of the products he has available is the Ultimate Ecom guide. Have you looked at all the Steve Tan Ecommerce offerings? You are going to find out that there are all kinds of interesting products and tutorials pertaining to e-commerce that can help you, but are Steve Tan’s products some of them?

When you look up products like these, you often see two things. The scam report sites pull up in the search results for starters. That doesn’t mean the Ultimate Ecom guide is a scam, but those sites are meant to help you find out if those types of products are ripoffs. You have likely seen the site Ripoff Report, right?

When I searched that specific product that Steve Tan put out, I found out something else that was interesting. I noticed that Google omitted certain results. So I looked more closely at what was omitted. I thought I was going to find results tied to what Steve Tan had put out, meaning that they had omitted his links due to people reporting his products as scams. (more…)

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The Truth About Steve Tan

Steve Tan hosts a retreat.

I come from a family that was not very financially stable. Not only did my house have very little to eat many times while growing up, but I was never able to afford a solid education like many people that I know. Despite all this, I have managed to find great programs online and make a decent living.

Over the course of looking for new opportunities, I came across something called The Ultimate Ecom System. It was started by a guy named Steve Tan. Everything looked great on the surface when I read about the benefits and all I can expect to receive upon signing up, but I know that doing a bit of digging can uncover things that people would probably rather not share with others. I typically use this kind of information to decide whether or not to move forward and invest in a business idea.

For starters, Steve Tan lives and operates his business from Singapore. I personally do not have a problem with working with people who have international companies. I actually appreciate the fact that he is very open about this. This is because so many people are not transparent about their location and you end up thinking they are in Southern California or some other US location and they are smack dab in the middle of the South Pacific. (more…)